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In a Meeting

Become a Pivotal Convo Pro!

Your Convo Coach will ensure you're 

prepared, relaxed and confident.

Whether you're...

-Dreading a conversation with a client, co-worker, recruiter or friend
-Annoyed, nervous, confused or not prepared

-Wanting to rid yourself of dread and doubt

And are keen to...

Ace small talk with an easy yet elegant style and strategy

Resolve differences, negotiate and gain agreement with a proven process

Navigate office politics with wise nuance and future focus

Promote a product or service and attract clients & fans

Rehearse interview questions building your confidence, credibility & influence

Re/Build a relationship with a three step strategy & refined conversation skills

Network successfully with increased ease, engagement & enjoyment

In just a few sessions your Convo Coach will have you ready to

apply The Convo Cure Model and engage in a Brilliant Conversation that

delivers your preferred results, builds relationships and boosts your resilience.

You'll soon be welcoming the opportunity to ACE a pivotal conversation

at work, at home or in your community.

You'll feel 'lighter',

gain insights into the situation, enjoy a laser fast strategy for

getting relaxed and preparing a detailed yet responsive script

to Ace your pivotal conversation.

Enjoy a few deep breaths then free yourself from dread and doubt 


"Asking questions and listening to the responses from a place of curiosity vs interrogation are among the most important yet most difficult things to do during a heated conversation"
-Suzanne Park, Lead Convo Coach 


Suzanne Park, the Lead Convo Coach studied with Judith E. Glaser, author of Conversational Intelligence: How Great Leaders Build Trust and Get Extraordinary Results and Suzanne achieved the Conversational Intelligence® Enhanced Skills Coach (WEBECS) designation through Judith's inspiring program exploring the art and science of the Neurology of Conversations with wide application in her own and her clients' work and life. 

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