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"It is such a pleasure and privilege to coach leaders, entrepreneurs and professionals in realizing their potential and their career and life goals in sectors as diverse as banking, academia, telecom, packaging, health care and payment solutions."

- Suzanne Park, M.Ed.

Communications Coach &

Leadership Thinking Partner

Dear Potential Coaching Client,

Thank you for stopping by, it would be my pleasure and privilege to work with YOU as you step into…

Being the Best YOU Can Be!

As YOU elevate YOUR Results, Relationships & Resilience.


By way of a window into Present with Presence, our coaching process revolves around the key principles of Mindful Attention, Vital Intensity, Compassionate Challenge, Integrity,

& Commitment to Excellence all grounded in evolving research & theory. Our coaching clients sign on to honour the principles of Curiosity, Openness, Commitment, Integrity, Accountability and Attention to their Intentions.


During our initial meeting, we’ll create a customized Scorecard detailing YOUR goals, intentions and initial commitments towards realizing your ideal self and life. If you’re feeling brave we might even include a joy metric to support you in determining if you’re on the right path or if minor or significant change is in your future. And if you’re very brave, you may decide to invite valued colleagues, leaders, team members, even clients to rate you on your customized Scorecard.


As the coaching proceeds, the insights gained as you identify and explore your hopes, concerns, challenges and successes will benefit from your reflections, plans, strategies and delivering on your commitments, yielding many gains which will make for an enjoyable journey.


If you’re curious about the coaching process and if it’s right for you, let’s explore if there is a fit between your goals and my coaching process.


Be the Best YOU Can Be!

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