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Clapping Audience

Be Engaging, Inspiring & Influential. 
Communicate Your Brilliance, Generate Intended Results,

Build Your Profile, Position & Promote

Your Ideas, Product or Service while

Making Meaningful Contributions.

Keyboard and Mouse

Speech Writing

& Editing

Ensure every message-whether an email, a proposal, a presentation or a report conveys your messages with clarity & conviction in a concise manner that addresses your and the target audience's needs, interests & preferred delivery style.

We'll consult with and coach you on clarifying your intention, crafting an insightful & inspiring message using our proven Mini-Prep Model then editing  & refining your message including tailoring it for different audiences.
One on one and group coaching as well as short lead times can be accommodated.

Being the Best

You Can Be!

Professional Presence

& Vocal Quality

Whether updating or seeking resource or project approval from executives, proposing a service agreement to a new client, negotiating changes to a process or contract, leading a team or heated meeting-all require Professional Presence.

We are passionate about 
maximizing your focus, engagement, vocal qualities and thinking under pressure so you can leverage your professional presence and achieve your preferred outcomes.

Vocal coaching will guide you in leveraging the power of your voice. We’ll coach you in the art of vocal quality- tone, enunciation, cadence, volume, emphasis, pausing & most critical breathing. Ensuring you’re heard, understood and influential. As a speaking coach, it is so rewarding to quickly engage with clients, identify barriers and generate strategies that boost confidence and liberate talents, in service to your speaking goals. Addressing speaking barriers is often easier and faster then clients expect.
We'll work together on refining your presentation of self in person and virtually.

Being the Best

You Can Be!

Emotional &

Interaction Intelligence 

Essential to Professional Presence is Emotional & Interaction Intelligence  among the top skills recruited for by teams, leaders and organizations.

Why?...because candidates with this skill set successfully collaborate with diverse functions, are resilient & bounce-back from set backs, de-escalate & resolve differences, lead & build teams and professional relationships plus they consistently deliver under pressure.

 Professional Presence involves a complex mix of diverse skills, characteristics and attitudes unique to each individual. Our commitment is to support you in 

Being the Best

You Can Be!

Message Design & Delivery: Coaching & Development

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